We’ll give you the tools to get your buddy behavin’.


We’ll give you the tools
to get your buddy behavin’.

A well-trained dog is a happy dog!

We offer a diverse selection of training programs for you to choose from. Training will not only make your life easier as a pet owner, but your dog will become more confident and acquire advanced social skills which will apply to other animals as well as people. We offer obedience training for all ages and temperaments, as well as fitness training to help build and maintain muscle strength and benefit their overall health.

Training Programs

Puppy Training – covers name learning, focus, sit, lay down, leave it/drop it, stay, come, crate training, leash introduction.

Obedience Training – covers leash training, door manners, greetings, socialization, jumping, digging/chewing, nuisance barking, coming when called, works on aggression, fear and anxiety.

Fitness Training – weight management, improves behavior, strengthens muscles and bones, improves mobility, improves overall health. Great activity for dogs of all ages and stages!

All programs available for private or group trainings.

All Dog Activity World Trainers, and Employees, are PetTech trained and current in CPR and First Aid for pets.

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