Our Family

Come and join it!

Our Family

Come and join it!

Committed and caring individuals

At Dog Activity World, we strive to create a positive, family oriented environment with professional taste, and that all starts with our team. Our amazing work family is made up of committed and caring individuals that will treat your furry family members like their own!

Hannah Wickins – CEO & Founder

Hannah’s drive for success started at a young age, born in the UK and assisted on both the financial and operational side of her father’s multiple startups. She continued on to receive her BS degree in International Business from the University of Miami. Combining her business degree, years of experience and adoration for all things four-legged and furry, the idea for Dog Activity World was born and immediately set into action.

Chase Wickins – Playground Administrator


Chase is a handsome yellow lab and is the inspiration behind Dog Activity World! He has a unique and special personality. He is an avid swimmer, has a vibrant zest for life and is a very sociable young man.

Holli Vilela-Wickins – Canine Concierge

Holli is our Gorgeous Golden Retriever.  She is the best therapy dog and welcomes everyone with love and kindness.  Holli’s favorite activities include chasing her tail, assisting with temperament tests and snuggling with anyone!

Max Wickins – Class Clown


Max is the newest addition to our family!  This Old English Sheepdog is anything but old!  At 1 year young he is still growing into his massive Polar Bear feet.  Full of Love and Silliness, he has won all our hearts!

Emily  – Guardian of the Big & Bold!


Emily ALWAYS has a smile on her face,  you will often find her running all over the place!  She is in charge of the larger groups, assisting with ‘Temp Tests’, Potty breaks, occasional grooming, night-shift, and so much more.  Obsidian and Peridot are Emily’s two fur babies who come to daycare often.

Rachel  – Guardian of all Small & Mighty Pups


Rachel is our Sm-medium park handler!  She adores all the smaller pups playing at her feet and being able to pick them up and cuddle them. Rachel loves playing house with all the pups, and you will always see her grinning. 🙂  Bernie is her Doodle Love Bug in the photo.

Carissa  – Kennel Tech


Carissa is the doer of all things at the back of the house… She prepares your pups gourmet meals, ensures they are snuggled up at night and cosy, safety patrol adviser, among all the other hats she wears!  Carissa is featured here with her ‘Pup’ Eeyore the Great Dane, who loves to be the king of our castle!


Rebecca – Guardian of the Little Ones!


You will often find Rebecca luvin on the pups in the smaller play yards.  She always has a smile on her face and absolutely cherishes all the attention and affection they give her.  Rebecca is also one of our kennel Techs, she maintains the back of the house periodically and ensures the pups are well fed and looked after.





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