New Year Resolutions for Dogs & Their Owners


Jan 11th 

    The New Year is upon us, and that means it is time to start thinking about our “New Year resolutions”, or already have them in effect. As the years go on, we all know that keeping our personal New Year resolutions never really happens but as for our dogs, we would do anything in the world for them. We all think that we are the best dog parents in the world but truthfully, there is always a bit more we are able to do. Here is a list below of resolutions we suggest for all the dog people:

1. Take your dog for a long walk at least once a day, or maybe even once every two days. This resolution is a double bonus as it not only keeps your pup in shape but, it’ll keep you in shape as well.

2. Resolve to give back to pups that are in need! There are many local organizations that we have shown our loyal support too and it is time for you to do the same. Check out our Facebook page for the news article about the Peggy Adams donation box right outside our location. We are currently still accepting donations for “Peggy’s Pantry”!

3. Take your pup somewhere new! Not only do people like to vacation and relax a little but, our pups enjoy some adventure too. Listed on the bellow link you can find local dog parks that our closest to your location. As soon as we open, we will have our very own right inside our facility!

4. Does your dog have some very special dog friends? If so, schedule a play-date for yours truly and their friend! The dog parks listed above are also a great suggestion as both you and your dog can make new friends.

5. Feed your dog the best rated food that’s specially made for your type of pooch! Feeding your dog the best ensures that they get all the nutrition required depending on their age and size.

6. Make sure to measure your pet’s food out every time. Ensuring that you give them the right amount of food is essential to your dog’s weight. Overfeeding can result in laziness and this in turn can lead to overweight doggos, plus over feeding can lead to other health problems.

7. Make sure every year you take your dog to complete their physical at their vet’s office. Just as people need their yearly check-ups, our furry loved ones need their yearly check-ups too to make sure that they are healthy and all up-to-date on vaccines.

8. Get your pup groomed or groom them yourself. This lowers the risk of any sort of items getting stuck in their hair/fur. Especially during Florida’s hot months, which is pretty much every month, your pup can overheat if they have a dense luscious coat. Once groomed, you’ll have your pup looking and feeling better.

9. Last but not least, considering fostering a homeless dog for a while. This allows a dog in need to sleep in a warm soft bed rather than a rough kennel and can allow your current fur baby to make a friend. Who knows maybe you’ll fall in love and keep them forever. We cannot verify if you’ll end up with 7 dogs or not but, we never met anyone who didn’t love having a full happy home!



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Author: Paige Lukosavich





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