New Doggy Day Care Opens in Boynton Beach

New Doggy Day Care Opens in Boynton Beach

Here is a conversation that took place in front of Dog Activity World, a revolutionary and new Doggie Day Care and Boarding Facility that raises the bar in Dog Care. Located at 1510 SW 8th St Boynton Beach (next to The Home Depot)


Dog- This huge building is going to be a Day Care for me?

Mom- Yes, 21,000 sq. feet that includes areas for small dog and big dogs to run and play with all sorts of playground toys.

Dog- They have a Boarding area for me to stay?.

Mom- Yes, with over 50 Kennels of various sizes.  Finally, here is a place we can send you for the day or when we are away. A place where you can really run and have a lot of fun.   We can also rest easy and be confident in the care you will receive.

Dog- There is training also?

Mom- Yes, there are different types of training classes that are available for you and also training for us to take together.  Training is conducted by Sit Means Sit Dog Training and K9 Fitness Labs.

Dog- How about Grooming?

Mom- Dog Activity World has a dedicated in-house groomer to keep you looking your best and smelling nice.

Dog- What’s this about an indoor park?

Mom- I can sign us up for some one on one quality time at their indoor park area.  There will also be a Lure Coursing area available.

Dog- What else can we do there?

Mom- There is a place for us to hold your next birthday party. They will have arts and crafts for you to partake in as well as the chance to get some nice professional photos of you taken.

Dog- Is that it?

Mom- Well no, I will be able to pick up those special Holistic treats and food you like from here also.  There is also the availability of getting a doggie message.

Dog- Is that it?

Mom- In doing my research of Dog Activity World, I discovered that all staff Members are trained in Pet CPR and First Aid through a company named Pet Tech. That makes me feel much better.

Dog- People can do CPR on Dogs?

Mom- Apparently so, and I will be able to take these same classes here at Dog Activity World.

Dog- So I’ll be safe in their care as well as at home.

Mom-  Come to think of it, this sounds like a place I would like to spend some time at.  Well, time to go home……Why are you still sitting there?

Dog- Dog Activity World sounds Pawsitively amazing and I want to be first on line to get registered and start having fun.

Mom-  Silly boy, I already pre-registered you on line at  I heard that they are opening very soon.


Questions- Contact them at 561-340-3740


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