July 4th Safety Tips For Your Furry Friend


July 1st 

    Americans look forward to their favorite summer holiday every year. You know, the one that consists of beaches, bbqs, sparklers, and pretty fireworks? July 4th is supposed to be a celebratory day but, most of our furry friends aren’t jumping for joy like we are. Here is a pawful (handful) of tips that can help comfort your nervous nelly on the Fourth of July:

  • Public Events- Please refrain from taking your dogs to largely crowded areas, especially where people are lighting off fireworks, or heavily consuming alcohol. Our dogs are like our children and you wouldn’t want some irrational person to accidentally light off fireworks near any child. On top of that, people that aren’t in their “right minds” can accidentally make a toxic food/beverage, or any other toxic item, accessible to your dog. Please be cautious of your surroundings. 
  • Find a safe space- If you are going out to celebrate, please make sure your dog has a comfortable indoor space that ideally is sound proof. We highly suggest that you contain your dog to a smaller safe environment and give them access to a “hiding spot” and their bed/blankie, for comforting reasons. We also suggest that all windows in the area are covered by closed blinds, and curtains (if accessible). The blinds with the additive curtain will not only keep out the flashing firework lights but, it will also help with the noise control. Don’t forget to leave the TV on with the volume up higher than normal, or leave some calming music on. An additional item that can help with anxiety are essential oils, whether you spray some lavender on a shirt that fits your dog’s body snug, or you pour some in a diffuser to spread the aroma throughout the safe space, it’ll help significantly. Even a shirt with your scent on your dog will help keep them calm. 
  • Water- A stressed dog tends to drink more water than usual. Please ensure that your doggo has access to a clean bowl filled with room temperature water.
  • Identification- Please make sure that your pet’s ID tags are properly secured on their collar!! Make sure your dog’s collar is securely on as well!! In case of emergencies, if your home is being evacuated (could be for fire hazard reasons, or anything else) the emergency responders will need to know the dog’s name and your contact information. It’s also important if you are having people over and your dog accidentally runs out of the house. Additionally, If you can, please leave a note on your front door that states “in case of emergencies:” and list how many pets are in your home. 
  • Emergency Vet Centers- Please make sure you know the nearest 24 hour emergency veterinary facility in case of emergencies. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

We hope everyone enjoys their Fourth of July celebration!


Author: Rachel Canavan-Achaev


Last updated: January 11, 2019

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