The Benefits of a Lure Run


June 6th 

Do you enjoy running? Today is National Running Day, a day where it’s important to be aware of how rewarding running can be, especially for our furry friends! Here at Dog Activity World, we offer a 160-foot indoor lure run. We believe our lure run can be beneficial in more than one way. It offers both mental and physical stimulation, something Dog Activity World values greatly. Physical stimulation is achieved obviously by the act of completing the lure run, tiring our little pups out. As we always say, “a tired pup is a happy pup.”

Mental stimulation is accomplished through the strict focus of chasing the artificial furry rabbit on the lure run. Though focus isn’t something that can be taught to a dog, many have a natural instinct to chase after something. Believe it or not, mental stimulation makes the dog more tired than the physical exercise itself. Many trainers will also say that common hyperactive problems a dog might have such as excessive barking, or destroying the house, will lessen or stop overall once the dog is mentally stimulated on the daily.

I can’t speak for other dogs, but as for mine, as soon as he hears the word “walk” he runs to the door and nudges his hanging leash lying on the side table. Dogs don’t deserve to be cooped up in a house all day, bored without things to do, as no human would want that for themselves. Mental and physical activities go hand in hand to make sure that the dog is well-balanced in all aspects of life.


Author: Paige Lukosavich


Last updated: January 11, 2019

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