Bubble Fun with Pups!

Bubble Fun with Pups!

This Wednesday, we had a very fun alternative to our typical Wacky Water Wednesday – BUBBLES!!!

As usual when introducing new things to dogs, some were a little hesitant and then eventually grew to love them, only a couple wanted nothing to with them, and then there were those super enthusiastic pups who thought this was one of the greatest and most entertaining things ever!! It was a blast being able to make our dogs so happy with the simplest of things, aside from their usual playtime fun with friends.

If only us as humans could resemble such happiness from simple things. Often its easy to get caught up in the craziness of life, that we forget to take a moment and enjoy the little things. It’s amazing what a dog can teach you in their lifetime – even through something as small as playing with bubbles!

To see more of this fantastic bubble fun, check out our Facebook page and Instagram. Everyday we’re uploading fun videos and photos of our daycare pups & the different activities we offer. Also, if you haven’t come in for tour yet, be sure to come check out the fun up close!!


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