10 Benefits of Doggie Daycare at Dog Activity World

Oct 26th

Did you know there’s a rather large list of important benefits to bringing your dog to daycare facilities? We thought you should know the top ten most important benefits, and also offer them in the highest and best forms possible. The following is a list of 10 benefits your doggo will gain, and experience, while using our facility for daycare services!

  1. Stimulation & Activity- While you’re out and about throughout your busy days, what does your doggo do at home while you’re gone? Do you leave the TV on for them so they don’t feel alone? Do you leave a few toys out for them to “keep busy with”? Let’s be honest, your furry pal doesn’t do much at home alone unless they’re the “trouble maker” Doggie Daycare is a reliable source to keep your dog active when you can’t. Leaving your best friend home solo can cause more than just boredom, it can also cause anxiety. Bringing “fluffy” to daycare will keep him mentally, physically, and socially stimulated, which is an important part of their health. Unlike most daycares, Dog Activity World is all about the breakthrough games and activities that are the key to keeping your dog more than just happy!
  1. Routine- Let’s talk about yours, “hooman”! Monday thru Friday, we know, you’re out there, hard at work to pay your bills and fill your life with well-deserved successes! You anticipate the weekend to see your loved ones and create some sort of adventure for What about that doggo of yours? Dogs are “creatures of habit” and find comfort in daily routine. You may already have a routine for your dog’s feeding or walking schedule, but what about their activity routine? Sending your doggo to our daycare facility will help ensure a daily routine of walks, feedings when needed and most importantly it’ll give them a routine of stimulation and activity. Here at Dog Activity World, we have more than enough time, space, and trained caregivers to cater to your dog, AS AN INDIVIDUAL! We will create a play (“active”) routine for your furry friend’s needs while tending to their pre-programmed internal routines (walks/feedings/resting periods).
  1. Exercise- Hi! How are ya? How do you feel after a weekend of sitting on your couch binge eating and watching Netflix or your favorite Youtuber? We generally feel like a couch potato by the time Monday morning rolls on At this point in time, we figure the least we can do is put on our sneakers, and grab our furry friend to go on a much needed walk. But did you know that dogs require more exercise than we “hoomans” do? On average, most dogs need a daily amount of exercising between 30 minutes to 2 hours; while we only need about 30 minutes of exercise for approximately 5 days a week. Here at Dog Activity World, we will make sure your dog is getting the healthy amount of exercise while in our care. No need to feel guilty for not taking “fluffy” on that long walk he was craving! We know you are tired and have a busy life, let us take care of their exercise cravings through our stimulating games & activities!
  1. Peace of Mind- You know that feeling, when you’re on vacation, and you don’t have a single worry in the world? We strive to deliver that feeling to dog owners on the daily! We’re here to pamper your pooch around the clock, so you don’t have to worry! We struggle to put a value on that “peace of mind” feeling, and we truly feel that you shouldn’t just have this feeling on On top of peace of mind, we can eliminate any guilt or “worker’s remorse” for you on the daily -if you choose to use our services regularly (and yes, we’re the ultimate partner in your ideal dream relationship. You know, the one that takes care of everything, without even a trace of worry, coming at you live 24/7…). Bring that dog of yours on over, we can’t wait to spoil them like our own!
  1. Socialization- DOGS ARE SOCIAL BY NATURE! Even if you have a dog that has a “single dog” mentality, or We are here to provide the ultimate socialization platter for your dogs to choose from. Through our group play and multi dog activities, we are here to ensure that your furry friend is going to “come home from school” having made a bunch of friends! Since we don’t discriminate on temperament or breeds, we are fully equipped with the right staff and highly qualified trainers that can work with the dogs that may be a little (or even a- lot) “socially awkward”. There’s a friend for every dog in our facility, whether it be another happy furry kid or a happy “hooman”. Don’t just come for our paw-tastic services, stay for the friendships!
  1. Attention- If we haven’t made it clear before, let it be known that we are here to SPOIL your dog! Your dog deserves the most attention and affection possible, and lucky for them, that’s our specialty! At Dog Activity World, our “pack members” are hand picked based off of their hard working attitudes, dog knowledge and training, infectious smiles, and their capability to provide endless amounts of love to all dogs (in and out of our facility). Not a minute will go by where your dog is lonely or bored. Dog Activity World thrives off the purpose to ensure happy smiles on every dog’s face in our care!
  1. Safety- One of our core policies here at Dog Activity World is that safety is main Safety begins with our “pack members” taking care of one another and ensuring that the facility is a safe environment as a whole. We truly believe that it takes a village to come together to fully facilitate safety in every aspect possible, especially in a facility as large as ours. Every single dog that enters our building is watched closely at all times, and we take all of the precautions in order to keep safety our main goal, even at our facility’s full dog capacity.
  1. Affordable- There’s a large misconception that dog facilities, like ours, are extremely Fortunately, we can provide “out of this world” care for your dogs at very reasonable prices. On average (and in this area) people spend anywhere from $30-$40 a day for daycare (upfront full day pricing). We are considered under priced for the size and services we offer to our clients, and on top of it we offer daycare packages that will save you a ton of money. We also offer monthly specials and memberships to help with the costs of our top of the line care. We believe that out of this world care doesn’t have to cost you a “paw and a tail”!
  1. Flexible- to reiterate, we are here for you and your pooch! Whether you need our care and services full time or part time, or even just here and there when necessary, we are always here to take in your furry friend with welcoming arms! We offer complimentary services designed for your convenience, like our drive thru drop If you’re a newcomer, try our facility out for a few days and witness the benefits with your own eyes! We were created to revolutionize the dog industry and really provide specific individual care to each and every client, human and dog.
  1. Happy Dogs Dogs that are thoroughly cared for, kept active through mental, physical, and social stimulation, and that are loved endlessly, are the happiest dogs in the world! When you pick up your furry friend from our facility you will first and foremost notice how tired they are; compare it to taking your kids to Disney World all day, when it’s time to leave all of a sudden the kids are “pooped out” from their very active day. Most importantly, the kids are leaving their trip from Disney World happy! Dog Activity World is here to create the happiness in your VID’s (very important dog) life!



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Author: Rachel Canavan-Achaev


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